Open Wings Tuition is co-funded through grants and our community.  Because of our generous providers, we are able to subsidize close to half of the annual tuition.

Tuition for the 2016-17 school year is $9,800 per student.  There is a discount for additional siblings.




Our school currently spends about $22,000 per student.  Our administrative team, board, and parents raise the gap amount between student tuition and this expense.

Our small student-to-teacher ratio is critical to the model of our school. Our academics are taught throughout the day in groups of 2-5 students. We are committed to providing staffing to support our individualized learning.

Our students benefit tremendously from the experiential learning component of our curriculum. In the 2015-2016 school year, we took over 20 field trips. This does not include our walking field trips to the library, and local parks and playgrounds. Occasionally, our parents pay a nominal fee for these experiences. Most field related expenses are covered by the school.

Neurodevelopmental research tells us that the formation of early brain architecture in the elementary years of school is critical for later success. An investment at the beginning of school is set to provide dividends further down the educational and life path. In addition, similar research tells us that the most learning occurs when a child is comfortable and confident. Despite the best efforts, some students do not feel this way in a larger, typical school setting. Learning is hindered for so many students in these settings. Often this results in students shutting down rather than progressing, and sometimes this misfit results in defensive behaviors. Our Open Wings teachers are able to help a student unlock the potential that is often buried under sensory discomfort, anxiety, or boredom and help students find a true love for learning.

We have studied tuition rates in schools across the country and locally and find ourselves at the low end for schools with the level of individual attention and experiences in the field and the arts in addition to research-based academics.

While we recognize that $9800 is a large sum of money for families, we believe that the opportunities provided each student and the opportunity to soar into the future far exceed this expense. 


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