About Us

About Us

Open Wings School is a progressive learning community in Kenosha that utilizes hands-on, experiential learning for each student.  The school supports the needs of both typical learners as well as those with disorders of relating and communicating, including PDD and autism, ADHD and language delays.  Our very low teacher-to-student ratio allows instruction to be individualized for the typical and complex learner.  







Contact director Kim Hufferd-Ackles at kimhufferd-ackles@openwingslearning.org  or call

262-697-7744 for more information.

 Key components of our curriculum include:

  • Whole child focus for academic, social, emotional success
  • Utilize experiential learning & build on a child’s strengths
  • Instructional alignment with current research, individualized to needs
  • Arts & technology enhance our educational experiences
  • Diverse community of learners:  In addition to typically developing students, those with PDD, autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, language delays, dyslexia, and other needs that benefit from a small nurturing setting are invited. 
  • Our students are successful and love coming!




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